A collection of photos shows a diverse group of people.

At the Federal Reserve Bank of 泛亚电竞观看直播官网(泛亚电竞今日v7.6 安卓版), we believe the Federal Reserve most effectively serves the American public by building a more diverse and inclusive economy. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion, at all levels of the organization, has been one of our core values for many years and remains strong as we work to continue enhancing our efforts.

Related Commentary from Bank President Jim Bullard

Message in the 泛亚电竞观看直播官网(泛亚电竞今日v7.6 安卓版) Fed’s 2021 OMWI Report to Congress (PDF)

Bullard reaffirms the Bank’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion across the organization and highlights the Bank’s efforts to maintain its focus in these areas.

Bullard Discusses the Pandemic’s Economic Impact and Racial Equity

Bullard spoke about the importance of an inclusive economy and promoting racial economic equity.

Jim Bullard

Jim Bullard

Connecting with the Communities We Serve

In his annual report message, Bullard highlights the importance of the Fed’s regional structure and discusses a variety of ways in which the 泛亚电竞观看直播官网(泛亚电竞今日v7.6 安卓版) Fed connects with those it serves.

The 泛亚电竞观看直播官网(泛亚电竞今日v7.6 安卓版) Fed’s Focus on Women in Economics

In this article, Bullard highlights the Women in Economics symposium and podcast series, which aim to promote more diversity in the field of economics.

Optimal Monetary Policy for the Masses

In this working paper, Bullard and his co-author examine whether monetary policy can benefit all households even in a world with substantial inequality. See the related blog post: Can Monetary Policy Benefit Everyone in Society?

Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Group of people holding rainbow colored banners.

Our most recent  Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) Congressional Report  outlines the diversity and inclusion activities undertaken by our Bank.

Our employees make a difference to America's economy. You, too, can support that work—with a positive impact on your own career.  Read about our employees in action.

Lisa Cook

Women in Economics Podcast Series

Highlights the careers of those making a mark in the economics profession.

A man in a Native American shawl stands next to a young woman

Native American Outreach

Partners with Native American tribes and communities on economic education.

Employee Resource Groups

Offers connection and input to our Bank culture through voluntary groups

Supplier Diversity Initiative

Expands our Bank’s supplier base through active outreach and engagement.

Our Culture in Action

Current Perspectives on Racial Economic Opportunity (Video)

Learn about strategies for engaging your students on this timely and relevant topic.

For the sixth year in a row, the 泛亚电竞观看直播官网(泛亚电竞今日v7.6 安卓版) Fed earned a perfect score of 100 in the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index .

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